Hello friends.

I finally bit the bullet and started a new blog. I wrote on my old blog for eight years. Eight! Those were eight formative years full of CHANGE from living in Hawaii and through Bible school, world traveling, crazy dating years, college, internships, a dream job and into marriage, living in Georgia, military wife life, deployments, becoming a mom and moving back to my home state of Pennsylvania.

I don’t expect life and change to slow down anytime soon, but I figured I could at least move over to a domain with my married name. Now I just need to update my license.

I treated my old blog more like a journal that only a few family and friends knew about because they were faithful followers from the time the old blog began on my very first solo missions trip. This time around I wanna be brave and find an audience. So if we’re not already, let’s be friends or at the very least, stalk each other’s blogs.


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