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Long time no write, and as always I miss it! How was your Thanksgiving? Always been one of my favorite holidays and this year did not disappoint. Unseasonably warm temps and sunshine just sealed the deal. And now it is December and the holiday season feels chaotic with so much to do, remember, and keep track of. Realistically it’s not that much, but it’s a weird mental thing.

Speaking of which, these 18 Unbelievably Rude Texts From Your Anxiety sounded ALL TOO FAMILIAR. (You too?)

Easy and delicious recipe for winter.

The latest Fixer Upper house. I love every single one.

This interview with Dianne Jago, the creator of Deeply Rooted, inspired me. Particularly her description of the type of woman she desires to be, and who she desires to encourage others to be …

“She recognizes and confesses her fallen state and proclaims her need for a Savior, Jesus Christ. She steps down from ruling her own life and asks God to be the Lord of her life. She understands the importance of grounding herself in Scripture and works to make a habit of studying it, memorizing it, praying through it, and meditating on it. She still battles with the flesh but desires to pursue holiness. She prays to God as frequently as she would call a best friend. She willingly takes on the burdens of others but also isn’t afraid to be transparent about her own burdens.

She is rooted and grounded in love. Her faith is unwavering despite her ever-changing circumstances. She leans into what she knows to be true about God rather than trusting her emotions. She is humble, yet confident and always boasting in the Lord. She desires not to glory in self but rather to glory in God. She is a giver of grace, because she understands that the ground is level at the cross. She sees life through the lens of the Gospel. She is not perfection, but she recognizes that she is being perfected and becoming more like Christ.

If pursuing Christ is our number one goal then transformation will happen from the inside out. This will translate into our roles as a wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, business owners and so forth. This is the type of woman I want to be and this is the type of woman I want to encourage our readers to be.” [Dianne Jago]


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