21 Months

Things I want to remember about Dax at 21 months …

View More: http://hingework.pass.us/lancechelseadaxYesterday when we came to pick you up from the church nursery we peeked in and saw you contentedly playing with the sliding board. As soon as you saw me you took off for the door like a runningback, dodging kids and toys before flinging yourself against the gate at the door with your arms stretched out to me.

When you want me you say, “Mama!” and reach your arms out with your hands opening and closing in a grabby motion.

You get super excited whenever people come over to our house.

Truck, garage door and no are your main words. Also trending: “Night night” and “What’s that?” You use “garage door” to request the iPad, which I have reluctantly started letting you have time to play with while I make dinner. It started with you watching garage door videos on YouTube, but now you click your way through all sorts of truck cartoons and kids toy reviews and singalongs.

View More: http://hingework.pass.us/lancechelseadax

You love to dance. You’ve recently started galloping, and you like to run circles around the kitchen island and other parts of the house.

Every morning when I come into your room you point to the humidifier for me to turn it off, and then your noise machine. Then you either chat for a bit (“What’s that?”) or reach for me to pick you up. You thrive on routine.

When you like a book you want us to read it to you over and over. I get you a variety of books at the library and always try to find at least one involving trucks, and without fail that is ALWAYS your favorite book.

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You love to play outside. Particularly pushing your car out to the garage, down the alley, and along the sidewalk. Pushing your lawnmower at Mimi and Pop Pop’s house is also the tops.

You like “helping” me to vacuum, bake, rake leaves, and sweep. You are proud as a peacock when I let you do these things. Especially when I let you help to make granola and you grab scoops of oatmeal with your hands.

You now run so fast that I have to sprint to keep up with you when you take off. And Dad says you’ve got a great arm, and also that he will be surprised if you don’t play football. You’re quick and agile, and you love to play tackle with Dad.

You still love bananas for breakfast. You point to which compartment on your plate you want a certain food. Blueberries are your all-time favorite. Other foods you’re into: hot dogs, pizza, cheese, mac & cheese, green beans, whatever Mom and Dad are eating. If we leave our seats empty at the table you love to hop up and steal our spot. You giggle when we hold hands to pray, and sometimes insist on still holding hands after the prayer is finished.

Milkshakes are also a favorite, and you frequently point at the cupboard where the blender is and want to make a milkshake. I think you like the blender even more than the actual shakes.

Matchbox cars and Legos are your current favorite toys and I LOVE watching you create and imagine.

You’ve discovered your pockets and walk around with your hands in your pockets all the time. Cute is an understatement. You had your pockets in your jacket at the library the other day and it was just too much. Then you did it at the train table and I was afraid you’d stick some trains in without me noticing.

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You love to brush your teeth. And throw your toothbrush on the ground. (And that one time in the toilet, which I totally saw coming, and yet.)

Your hearing is incredible and you hear things before I notice them.

Getting you out the door can be a fiasco, even though you’re usually excited about going outside or wherever we’re taking you. It’s a fight to get your coat and shoes on, but sometimes you’ll take them out of the closet and wait for me to put them on you – which I love.

View More: http://hingework.pass.us/lancechelseadax

I love that you like things to be organized. You do a great job of listening to instructions to put things away and in the right spot.

You love taking baths, especially fiddling with the faucet. You like to pull up the lever for the shower head but when water starts to come out you look at me in panic, completely alarmed at what’s starting to happen before I rush to turn it off. (Hilarious.)

Figuring out how things work is important to you.

Things you are NOT into: television, coloring, stickers, play-do.

You give kisses simply by putting your mouth up to my mouth. And you usually look at dad after you kiss me as if to say, ‘Did ya see that Dad? All mine.’ Whenever Mom and Dad DO kiss, hug, or touch you furrow your brows and say “No!” and pull us apart.

You also try to move me if I am ever laying down or have a blanket wrapped around me. You seem to have a vendetta against me getting any sort of rest. (Dad can lay down, wrap blankets around him, or be on his phone for a long time without any sort of reaction from you, hmm.)

View More: http://hingework.pass.us/lancechelseadax

The sound of your laugh, your smiles, expressions, hugs, imagination, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, and love are the greatest gifts. Tonight we danced around the living room, first all humming “Doot-doot-doot …” and you dance and spin and dance until you fall over in a pile of laughter. Sheer happiness, and I love those moments.

God, help me to not take a single day for granted. Thank you.


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