Into January


January is nice. It’s got that feeling of newness and freshness, almost like a brand new baby that gives you hope and an excuse to stay inside and snuggle. (Although hopefully without the agony of not sleeping.) January feels clean – people purging all of their junk after the holidays make them realize how much junk they have, the holiday decorations go away and things feel calmer.

I enjoy reading everyone else’s resolutions and words for the new year, and I love the energy in the air as people set out to be their very best. Marriage and mothering have both revealed to me how much I love to be productive. As in: I can get very frustrated when I’m not being as “productive” as I think I should be. That’s not to say I don’t also waste a lot of time, but overall I like to do and get done as much as I can. I don’t make HUGE resolutions, but I definitely set mental goals throughout the year.

I can easily look at my messy house or spend too much time in my head and feel like I never accomplish anything, but that’s clearly a lie. Looking back on 2015, there are a few things I want to remember:

  • Dax turned one in February. I stopped nursing when he wouldn’t stop biting (hell), and we both started sleeping one million times better at night. Glory hallelujah.
  • I began working part-time as a proofreader in April.
  • We started going to a new church that we really enjoy, got involved in a small group, and started volunteering there.
  • I won three national awards for freelance articles that I wrote.
  • We moved to a new house that we love in September.
  • I ran my first half-marathon in October.
  • I read 26 books.
  • We spent fun weekends away as a couple in West Chester, Boston and Berlin, MD. (Feels like a huge accomplishment while raising a toddler.)
  • I created a brand new blog, a welcome design switch from my old one and something I’d been meaning to do for awhile.

And of course there are all the little moments each day that are sweet and sour, forgotten and remembered, that make up a year and a life. The good times when you sigh and realize you have so much to be thankful for – that happened a lot in 2015. And the bad times when you cry and cry and feel like you just can’t take it anymore – there were lots of those this year too. It all adds up whether we’re counting or not, and I want to be a person who makes my days count. IMG_8180

In the spirit of that, here are a few practical things I want to be more mindful of this month, and okay, all year …

  • Spend less time on my phone. I think I could read 50 books this year if I didn’t veg out on my phone so much at night.
  • Get into a more disciplined exercise routine. There is a long explanation for why this hasn’t been happening, and if I don’t soon come up with a more detailed plan-of-attack this might never happen. Ugh, the excuses!
  • Memorize scripture.
  • Follow a strict budget.

What about you? What are your goals for this month and year? Did you choose a word or a mantra for 2016? I’d love to hear about it. I’d also love to hear if you have any advice on budgeting or memorizing scripture.


One thought on “Into January

  1. it’s now MAY and I am catching up on your blog. :/
    my word for this year is “be present’…i can still do better. i guess i have 7 more months to get it right? 🙂
    i should start counting how many books i read. seems like just another thing to add to my to do list, but i love that you know how many books you read. i also need to do better at memorizing scripture. sure does come in handy when i am disiplining my children…now that they are older. baaahhaaaa. :)) k. that’s enough random…and i need to get dinner on the table. hope you are well. 🙂 ~mis.


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