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Hi friends, how have you been doing? We had a blizzard here two weeks ago, but thankfully the snow is almost all melted already. It was a record-breaker for our area with about 30 inches.

When it was snowing, Lance and I were talking about how long it had been since we had a blizzard. Me: “1996. Wow, that’s ten years ago!” Lance: “Wow, yeah that’s crazy!” And it was not until HOURS later that it hit me that no, no, no. 1996 WAS 20 YEARS AGO. Getting old is a very weird thing. I’m glad my husband is already as confused as I am. 😉


Usually I dread snow but maybe part of that getting older thing is enjoying being at home. It’s not like in high school in college anywhere where I felt claustrophobic and HAD to get out of the house to be with friends because that’s what I did every night. Now I’m content to cozy up inside, make chili pie for dinner and watch Cars and eat popcorn with my boys.


When it stopped snowing on Sunday we tried to take Dax sledding, but he wanted nothing to do with it and preferred shoveling. Someone driving by made a joke about child labor laws because Dax was out there knocking snow off our car and he’s not even two! What a champ. It was so fun to look down our street and see everyone outside digging out their cars. The snow really did make everything feel so peaceful and quiet. (Minus the asshat driving around on a four-wheeler at 4 a.m.)


What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy these fun links and have a great one!

Here is the recipe for the chili pie I made during the snowstorm. So far I’ve loved all three of the recipes I’ve tried from Zoe’s blog, so check that out if you need new ideas.

The difference between snowstorms in the 70s and today. (Made me laugh a lot.)

Sounds like a fantastic method for memorizing scripture from one of my favorite writers in the Deeply Rooted mag.

Inspiring interview with a mom, now 90, who had four sets of twins. (Hey Mom, you’ll like this!)

The Dumb & Dumber movie trailer recut as an Oscar winning film. So funny!

Love this rustic Tennessee home tour.


One thought on “Links + Thinks

  1. This makes me smile and think of my childhood. We used to plow the snow into big piles and make forts. Oh the fun. We also had a neighborhood asshat on a four wheeler, oh how that made me laugh.


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