From The Mouth Of My Babe

Just a few of the fun things Dax has said recently, so that I can look back on them later. (There are many more, but I forget them so quickly if I don’t write them down!)

“Wow Dad! You look so handsome in that sweatshirt!”

“Good job Dad. You’re pretty good at getting food for me.”

This morning, he was sleeping in our bed and when he woke up he got in my face and said, “Mom? I want a kiss.” So we kissed and then, “Mom? Have you ever seen a pig before?”

“Mom, I just love you forever, you know that?”

After asking me my favorite part of my day and after I had already listed three things involving him, he said “What else” for the fourth time so I said reading my book at the gym. Dax: “Mooom! You don’t read books at the gym!”

“PopPop, why you put this stuff in your garage?” (Every week. Or if PopPop is not there he asks Mimi: “Why PopPop put this stuff in the garage?”)

“Mimi, you got snacks?”

“Lala? Lala? Answer me Lala!”

To his Sunday school teacher: “What we gonna do today?”

After Sunday school: “My teacher said we have no basketball hoop, but we have balls.” (He had been asking on the way to church if there was a hoop.)

The morning after we had friends over, when we went downstairs Dax looked around and then looked up at me with eyebrows furrowed and asked, “Where’d our friends go?

Favorite word pronunciations right now are a tie between: “Marsh-sha-shas” for marshmallows and “lo-key-mo-tee” for locomotive. Currently the locomotive (toy train) is missing, but I am 90 percent certain he hid it and knows where it is.


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