What’s Saving My Life Right Now

I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of other bloggers post about “What’s saving my life right now …” and thought I’d give it a go here. Kind of a perfect topic/focus for winter, even though we’re having gloriously warm, sunny weather in PA right now. (Dax asked to wear a t-shirt today and I can’t handle how cute it sounds when he says t-shirt. See also: “Marshshashas” for marshmellows.)

  1. Reading my Bible. I’m following a plan with my church to read through the Bible in three years. Just finished Luke (awesome) and have procrastinated getting into Genesis.
  2. Miniature Vaseline. Remember when everyone was so into those cool, round EOS lip balms? Maybe they still are? Maybe they never were and I made that up? I had one and didn’t feel like it helped. Lance has long been anti-chapstick, insisting that it is actually bad for your lips. Turns out he was right because a whole lawsuit came out against EOS products for actually chapping people’s lips MORE. Ugh, swindlers. Anyway, the mini Vaseline containers come in a few different “flavors” and I love the cocoa butter. It works really well and fits perfectly in my purse. I always preferred Vaseline to Chapstick as far as effectiveness, but Chapstick was just cuter and more convenient … until now. 😉
  3. Vanilla lattes have become my go-to drink over chai lattes, which were my default for YEARS since I used to hate coffee.
  4. Talking to myself. I talk to myself to remember what I’m looking for in the grocery store. I do it at other times too, to help remember whatever is next on my “list.” Dax has made it a habit to say, “Uh Mom? I don’t think ____ can hear you” if I make the mistake of saying something to another car while driving, or something like ‘Oh Dad already filled the water pitcher. Thanks Dad!’ when Dad is not home/closeby. It’s hilarious to me every single time, but I also can’t help thinking, ‘I never had to talk to myself to remember a dang thing until I had you so there’s that …’
  5. The Jamie Ivey Happy Hour and the Dear Daughters podcast with Susie Davis. I’ve mentioned both of these podcasts before, but these women feel like my online mentors. So much wisdom and so fun to listen to when doing dishes, folding laundry, or cooking.
  6. Ebates. I sincerely regret not signing up for this sooner. You get a percentage of CASH BACK when you buy things online after clicking through your Ebates account. No gimmicks. Besides groceries, I buy pretty much everything online so this is a win win. (Sidenote: if you click the link I have there and sign up, we’ll each get $10!)
  7. Houseplants have become my winter obsession. I keep buying more, and it’s always a guessing game to see if any will last – in spite of the fact that I only purchase low maintenance ones. Tells you a lot about my green thumb capabilities, eh? I have three that I kept alive since last winter, one of which grew so much I had to separate it and repot so that’s something. And three that have died since last winter, so #evenstevens.
  8. Yoga. One class a week and my body feels GREAT after the fact. I should probably up the ante, but #babysteps.
  9. BusyToddler blog has so many easy ideas for indoor activities with Dax. Lance works in the evening two nights a week and I’m usually pretty tired out after work, so I’ve been trying to come up with an easy activity for him to have fun with so I can have peace while I make dinner or just breathe. He loved making volcanoes in a muffin tin (with vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring), making stuff out of clothespins, and one I did before I ever read the blog: giving him a bin or rice to play with his mini-excavators in. #toddlernirvana #cleanupnightmare
  10. Anthro candles. Or good-smelling candles in general. My mom used to have candles forever because (from what I remember) she only burned them when people came over. I am the opposite. I burn them A LOT. Feeling stressed? Light candles, turn on music. Want to make whatever task you’re doing more relaxing? Light candles. Smells too much like a sweaty, fart-filled frat at home? Light lots of candles. Speaking of farts (gross, I know, but here I go anyway), the other night Dax was sleeping in our bed and apparently wide awake at that point because he was trying to carry a chipper conversation with me and he goes, “Mom! Mom! Did you hear that? … Dad just tooted! Can you believe that?!” I was half asleep but still died over the way he said, ‘Can you believe that?!’

So I’d love to hear about what’s saving you these days. Fave products, habits, routines, blogs, places, sayings, whatever – hit me with it in the comment section, or let me know if any of the things I mentioned resonate with you.


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