Recently Read: Book Reviews


Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist

It’s a collection of personal essays, touching a lot on transition, relationships, community, miscarriage, infertility, marriage, parenting, and more things I’m probably forgetting. She writes friend to friend – what’s not to love about that? I LOVED this one and would say it ties as my favorite by her alongside Bread & Wine.



The Hate U Give by Angie Brown

An absolute must read for all ages. My stomach was in knots. The characters and main family are so lovable. Aside from all of that, reading young adult is refreshing from time to time – it feels more straight to the point, which if you know me you know I love.



Lilli De Jong by Janet Benton

Lilli de Jong is an educated young Quaker woman in the 1800s who ends up pregnant with no option but to apply to stay in a home for unwed pregnant girls. From there the story takes a lot of twists and turns that I don’t want to give away. This started out really strong for me and then became way too depressing, but was still very much a page turner. Very eye-opening and reminded me how fortunate I am to be a woman alive in 2017 versus a few hundred years ago.



Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

This book embodies so much of what I’m about (simplicity, minimalism, authenticity) and I think it’s a must-read for parents. His suggestions on simplifying life on all fronts will bring solutions to countless problems. I feel like I generally keep things pretty simple around the house in that I avoid excess and in particular try not to let toy clutter happen or build up, but this book got me to purge more! And to even purge kids’ books, which I didn’t think was necessary before reading. I always thought ‘more books, more reading, good’ but just like having too many toys presents too many choices the same goes for books. After I got rid of a bunch of the books in Dax’s room he started going in there every morning and reading the ones he had by himself. Plus, like the author pointed out: kids really do like to read the same stories over and over. The book covers way more than toys and books, and probably spends the most time addressing the importance of simplifying our SCHEDULES and creating routines that our kids can thrive in. SO GOOD.



Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

Dinner: The Playbook by Jenny Rosenstrach

Admittedly, I didn’t read each of these cover to cover yet, but I’ve read a lot from both and am OBSESSED. I thought maybe cookbooks were not the thing for me because I tend to get recipes offline and have never really paged through a cookbook that had more than one or two recipes that caught my eye and fit my requirements. Until now. Jenny is an amazing writer and her narratives resonate so much with me in this season of parenting and working full-time. Her recipes are DELICIOUS and fit my aforementioned “requirements” of: easy, healthy, no crazy ingredients. (I don’t want to think about how much money I blew on stupid ingredients that I’d never use again when I was first learning how to cook and meal plan after I got married.) You can check out her equally amazing blog at to see if her recipes might fit your style too.


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